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Why Join OTC?

Triathlon is not a team sport.  Or is it?  When you join Ocala Triathletes Club you don’t just join a club, you join our team.  We hold our club to high standards.  You don’t have to be the fastest but you do have to abide by our anti-doping policy and have great sportsmanship on and off the course.  We are a FUN group.  Actually, more like a family.  We swim, bike and run together but we also grab a beer together and travel races together.  Sure, we’ll help you fix your flat tire, on your bike, and also your car.  We can’t wait to get to know you.

Member Benefits

  • Up to $100 reimbursement toward your first race
  • Sommer Sports – 10% off race entries
  • DRC Sports – 10%  off race entries
  • CLASH Endurance Daytona Challenge: 10% off race entries
  • Game On! Race Events: 10% off race entries
  • The Running Elements Ocala – 10% discount on merchandise
  • Brick City Bicycles
    • 25% off all reg priced items including nutrition, clothing, and accessories
    • 1 new bike purchase per year at 15% over cost if paid in cash! 20% over cost if paid by CC
    • $125 Bike Fit (normally priced at $150)
  • Infinit Nutrition – 10% off products
  • NoxGear – 35% off the Tracer360 nighttime light vest
  • Infinity bike Saddle – $20 off

* See the private Facebook page for codes or check with a committee chair

USA Triathlon Club Benefits

No matter what level of experience, from newbie to pro, your triathlon experience will be enhanced by joining a club. You will train smarter, harder and have more fun with people of a like mind.

  • Club Grant: grant funds are available to registered USA Triathlon clubs through an application process. Grant applications will only be accepted online through the club administrator’s account. To access the online application, the club administrator will need to login to and click on the “Club” header. The W-9 is available in Forms and Resources on the Clubs homepage.
    Grant Notes: Please include your full club roster. Please identify those members who are USA Triathlon annual members with their membership number.
    The 2018 Club Grant will open May 1 and close June 15.
  • USA Triathlon “Official Club” logo. To receive the logo please fill out the Logo Approval Application. The logo application can be found here.
  • Opportunity to advertise in the USA Triathlon Multisport Zone e-newsletter at a discounted rate.
  • Club focus group sessions and surveys throughout the year to help improve the benefit structure for clubs
  • Race Discounts exclusively for USA Triathlon Clubs– Please email for instructions to view the promotional codes for the 2018 season. (Please note this will be updated throughout the year as race directors provide race information)
  • Opt-in liability coverage and Directors & Officers coverage at a competitive price. Click here for information on both programs.
  • Listing on Find A Club in your state
    USA Triathlon Monthly Club E-Newsletter
    Must be an Official Club of USA Triathlon for the 2018 season
    Please email for more information
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