Merchandise is our Achilles Heel! Ha. Kidding, not kidding. We are a volunteer organization and spending time ordering t-shirts, mugs, kits and all the wonderfully OTC branded items takes time away from what we love most – training and racing. But we love to show off our Team spirit and pride and nothing makes us happier than seeing you in Ocala Triathletes gear. Just, give us a break if it’s not as speedy as you’d like. Down to business. There are several merchandise options.

Team Store

Thanks to Seth McBride at Legacy Team Sales, Ocala Triathletes have the best option to order soft t-shirts, visors, trucker caps, book bags and more. Legacy gives a portion of the sales back to the club and we couldn’t be happier with the pricing or the quality. We open this store 2-3 three times per year based on demand. Last year we heard “wish I would have purchased 1 of everything” many times. Opening again in Fall of 2018.

OTC Mugs

We completed an order in July 2018. We may have extras. Contact Erin They are $25. Teal with black, pink with black and black with white.

Ocala Triathlete Team Kits

Contact Mary at Artletic Apparel You will receive a 10% team/club discount. Order early 6-8 weeks for delivery.
Additionally if you’d like to create your own team kit on a vendor you’d like to work with, contact Erin for official use of the logo.