About Us

Ocala Triathletes Club is a 50 plus member non-profit organization formed in March 2017 by founders Nicolas Blaser, Erin Freel and Tim Reynolds. Being a formal organized club, there are annual dues from each member( $30 for an individual / $45 for a family).  We have an executive board and we have committees that report to the board and membership. We hold  monthly membership meetings and we raise money for local and national charities.  We are a member of the United States Triathlon Association (USAT).

The club was formed for the following reasons.

  1. Promote the sport of triathlon in our community, as a healthy way to live your life.
  2. Provide athletic support to our members. Whether you are someone who has never done a triathlon or a seasoned competitive triathlete, we offer support and value to meet your individual goals.
  3. Give back to our community in the form of charitable contributions.

Our Purpose, Mission, and Values

Our Purpose is to inspire and support the lives of multi-sport athletes and to build better communities.

Our Mission is how we bring our Purpose to life for each other and our communities.

Our Values serve as the fundamental beliefs about the way we operate as an organization, by being honest, trustworthy, caring and inclusive; united as one team; resilient against adversity and driven to help others live their best lives.

Anti-doping /Anti-cheating Policy

The Ocala Triathletes Club does not tolerate cheating. Our club follows the anti-doping policy of the USA Triathlon Organization. USA Triathlon is opposed to the practice of doping in the sport and fully supports and complies with the policies, protocols, and rules set forth by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) as the independent, nonprofit anti-doping organization in the U.S. As a member of OTC you agree to our anti-doping policy as outlined by USAT and USADA. OTC has the right to revoke membership or ask athletes to not race as an OTC member if they are caught cheating.