OTC Team


Membership – Shaw (Chair)

Committee:  Executive Committee and members appointed by the chair

  • Dues – Renewal of Members – auto draft
  • New Members – Recruitment
  • Kids/Family Dues Structure
  • Bylaws, Code of Conduct
  • Election of Officers

Fundraising/Sponsorships – Patrick and Donna Cress (Co-Chairs)


  • Raise at least $1000 each year to be used by club as needed
  • Properly recognize and thank sponsors/donors on website, at end of year banquet and with hand-written thank you’s (tri kit sponsors)

Group Training – Tim (Chair) 

Committees: Doug H., Spencer, Nick, Sadie, Josh

  • Set up an OTC team training event once per quarter
  • Notify the club of group events likes OWS, etc
  • IMLOU training group?  Haines City 70.3 training group?

Community/Charity Events – Christy Casey (Chair)

Committee: Christy Casey, Terri Bower, Erin Freel, Sandy Hoskins

  • Hold at least one charity event per year – Bikes and Brews (2017)
  • Bike safety clinic and repair for the community (kids bikes)
  • Sponsor a disabled athlete for a triathlon
  • Encourage first time triathlon participants (Open at HITS, Cover entry fee)
  • Pay it Forward Organization (bike repair – from Sandy)

Educational Programming –

Committee:  Tim, Doug H., Robert Laseter, Sandy Hoskins

  • Guest Speakers at meetings
  • Clinics/workshops for members

Youth Development – Dianna Bridges (Chair)

Committee:  Nikki, Nick, Erin, Jeanne, Josh, Spencer, Chris

  • Work to build up our support of youth in the sport through sponsorships, donations, education, etc.
  • Consider a youth membership or family membership in our club work with Membership Committee
  • Promote our youth friendly environment.  Cover costs of race for DRC CR or St. Anthony’s.

Public Relations – Mitch Miller (Chair) with wife Kristin

Committee Members:  Erin, Donna M., Donna C., Joan

  • Send race reports and photos to local publications (as Joan suggested they did back home.) Erin will get a list of publications
  • Ocala Star Banner, Ocala Style, Healthy Living, etc
  • Website Development
  • Member Profiles

Team Racing (As needed, prior to events)


  • If this is an event like St. Anthony’s or Augusta where several team members attend, this committee is responsible for organizing group activities, travel suggestions, food options, practice swims and rides at race, group photo and cheerleading.
  • Keep TeamUp Calendar Updated

Team Kits – Nick/Erin (Co-Chairs)

Committee:  Nikki, Sadie

T-shirts Nikki (Chair)

  • Make sure each new member gets a t-shirt
  • Order new shirts as needed and distributed

Oversight Committee (Executive Committee and appointments)

  • OTC Points
  • USAT Membership and Benefits/Insurance
  • Discount Codes on Products/Partnerships

Executive Committee

Nicolas Blaser, President
Erin Freel, Vice President
Shaw Ashley, Treasurer
Donna Cress, Secretary


Click on those in blue, for an inspirational story.

Joan Kirkwood

Noris Roche

Robert Laseter

Brett Abbott
Jeanne Abbott
Spencer Ashley
Shaw Ashley
Jaye Baillie
Chris Bertorellli
Nicolas Blaser
Dianna Bridges
Christie Casey
Ethen Chaffin                                                                                                                                 Courtney Chaffin
Donna Cress
Mark Dickerson                                                                                                                                    Eline Eckroth
Jayden Eckroth
Erin Freel
Doug Hershey
Robert Hicks
Sandy Hoskins
Mike Kaufman
Katerina Kexemides
Joan Kirkwood
Robert Laseter
Daniel Lavoie
Nate Leech
Sam Levin
Rebecca Marsh
Bob McCall                                                                                                                                               Greg McElvaney
Jacob McGovern
Josh McInturf                                                                                                                                    Kristin Miller
Mitch Miller
Matt Miller
Dan Parker
Patrice Perron
Rob Peters
Nikki Reynolds                                                                                                                                        Tim Reynolds                                                                                                                                         Noris Roche                                                                                                                                                  Ben Rosson                                                                                                                                             Seydi Ruiz

Catherine Sagal
Sarah Satterfield
Gabrielle Suver
Baldwin Switzer
Glen Switzer
Reinhardt Switzer
Karen Szuba
Martin Tompkins
Doug Troyer
Mary Verrandeaux
Anthony White
Dean Wisser